Minutes of Meeting 13/04/2016


Phillip Berry, Gavin Bramley, Joe Stephens, Tony Kelly, Dominic, Rolf, Aurel, Richard McSepheny, Callum, Daryl Selvidge, Rick Anderson, Helen Quick, Geoff Roberts, Stuart Wilkinson, Ron Elsbury, Peter Dymond, Frank and Geradine Dean, Mark Phillips, and the Armisted Family.


Dennis Eades, Nick Sudweeks, Steve Lidgerwood, Noel Lidgerwood, Simon Lidgerwood, Bernie Eades, Rick O’Shannessy, Gavin Bramley, Miles Hazel, Aaron Cocking, Rod Brett, John Davis, Jason Gambino, Ged McDonald, Linda Herron, Ron Bishop, Joe Habib, Ben and Lisa Shinners

Minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted by Pat Davis, 2nd by Aurel

Treasurers Report

The Good Friday Rally raised $1023 with all of that donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal
Bank balance stands at $5156.18
Total Assets stand at $23,274.64
Rent of $260 was paid
Accepted by Pat Davis, 2nd by Geoff Robert


A card was received from Critter and Steph thanking the club for the use of the bus for their wedding.

General business

The club discussed another homested rally to raise money for a local girl diagnosed with cancer, Brams to let us know of possibilities of homesteds we can visit, club to organise food and entertainment for the day.

The Good Friday Rally was successful with 30 cars entered and all reports back was that it was great fun for the whole family.
Ron was to talk to Michael Davis about getting some club apparel

Future events

Wilko will look into information racing at Avalon

The idea of a bus trip for the club was discussed with possible destinations being The Blues Train, Sandown Historics, Sandown 500, and the Geelong Sprints.

Meeting closed at 7.55pm

Next meeting 3/06/2015

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