Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 10/09/2014


Pat Davis, Ron Elsbury, Stuart Wilkeson, Phillip Berry, Gavin Bramley, Linda Herron, Ged McDonald, John Davis, Marcus Callahan, Rick O’Shannesy, Andrew Gill, Scott Stewart, Steve Rochford, Don Lidgerwood, Steven Lidgerwood, Simon Lidgerwood, Geoff Roberts, Rod Brett, Clinton Cain, Jess Buchannan


Dennis Eades, Nick Sudweeks, Bruce Bethune, Geoff Roberts, Julian Diamond, Bernie Eades, Lachie Gordon, Aurel Dessefway


Amendments to the Club Constitution consisting of the following:
To add motorcycles
To change the due date for Membership Renewal to the 30th June
To add Motorcycles to wear the appropriate protective gear
Add all members must attend a minimum of 3 meetings and 2 rallies each year
To add the Club banking details Bendigo Bank and add the financial commencement the 1st July
To change the annual meeting date to be held after first club meeting in July
To add Vic Roads Permit Scheme for the registration of cars, trucks, motorcycles, omnibus

Motion moved by Ron Elsbury
Seconded by Patrick Davis

All present voted unanimously for all changes to be accepted.

Meeting closed at 7:05 pm

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