Its on again in 2025!

The Birregurra Motor Enthusiasts Club is proud to announce that it will again be presenting the Birregurra Motor Show - 2025 on the 15th of February 2025.  If you would like to sponsor our 2025 event please contact the President or Secretary.









BEST IN SHOW -                     John Stavenuiter    1969 Holden HK Monaro

BEST AUSTRALIAN CAR -      Darren Bushell       1971 Holden HQ Monaro GTS

BEST USA CAR -                      Aaron Davis           1955 Chevrolet Belair

BEST EUROPEAN -                 Barry Buchanan     1972 Volkswagon Kombi

BEST JAPANESE -                   Christine Wilson     1976 260Z Datsun  (Keegan Quinney Memorial Trophy)

BEST ALL ORIGINAL -              Joe Bertucci           1964 Ford XM Coupe

BEST HOT ROD -                      Teena Grist            1934 Chevrolet Ute

BEST CUSTOM -                       Victor Osborn         1963 Dodge pick-up

BEST VINTAGE (1920-1950)     Daniel Tute            1928 Dodge Standard 6

BEST PRE 1975 (1950-1975)    Ron Honts              1969 Ford Mustang

BEST ORIGINAL M/CYCLE       Gerry Dean            1974 DKW

BEST VINTAGE M/CYCLE         Mike Juleff             1941 Indian

BEST PRE 1975 M/CYCLE        Russel Thomas     1971 Yamaha HS1-B

BEST USA M/CYCLE                 Keith Bakker          1998 Harley Davidson

BEST JAPANESE M/CYCLE      Doug Thomas        1981 Yamaha Virago

BEST EUROPEAN M/CYCLE   Allan Sargent          1983 Triumph Boneville

BEST AG (stationary engine)    Allan Sargent           1910 Regal

BEST TRUCK (pre 1960)          Kris Filippi                International

BEST TRUCK (post 1960)         Trevor Matthews      1965 International 160

BEST Original Agricultural         Brett Morrison          Hart Parr

BEST GROUP DISPLAY            HSV Club   (Equal placing)

BEST GROUP DISPLAY            Ford Club Geelong (Equal placing)


The BMEC congratulates all our winners and thanks them and all those that attended our event that didnt win.    

We also thank those that came solely to view our event.  Based on the feedback thus far everyone, entrants, the public and local traders and BMEC members had a great day.

Again we thank all our sponsors without whom we could not have presented this event.

We look forward to seeing you all again very soon.


About the Keegan Quinney Trophy - Best Japanese Car

Keegan with car

The 'Keegan Quinney Memorial Trophy' for Best Japanese Car was proudly sponsored by the Quinney Family.

Keegan was born on the 29th of July 1997 with a rare immunodeficiency disorder called hyper IgE Syndrome - there were only four known cases in Australia.  Keegan spent months at a time in the RCH.  At aged 6 his right lung was removed resulting in many complications that kept him returning to the RCH for months at a time to receive treatment.

Keegan had a love of cars, Japanese cars in particular.  He was the proud owner of a Toyota Corolla sedan.  His love of this car inspired his parents, Sue and Greg to sponsor this trophy – The Keegan Quinney Trophy for Best Japanese Car.

Keegan succumb to the disease and passed away on January 30 2019.  He was only 21.

He was loved and cherished by many people especially his parents, Greg and Sue and his siblings, James, Nicole and Micha


Keegan's Mighty Mods Youtube:  Make-A-Wish with Mighty Car Mods (youtube.com)






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